CES  2015 to Kick Off In Las Vegas: The Internet Of Things Main Focus


ces2015, technology, internet of thingsThe world’s largest Consumer electronic fair would kick off in Las Vegas later this week with most tech buffs travelling to Sin-City with great expectations of what the tech-world has to offer. The Tech fair opens to the public on Tuesday.  Many in the tech community believe that this year many companies would concentrate on wearable tech devices and also concentrate on integrating all devices with the internet and the cloud. Many believe that 2014 saw the introduction of many second generation wearable devices and this year could see far better devices after companies were able to work on consumer feedback.


The internet of things would receive a huge push according to many tech-insiders. Currently there are only a very few devices which can be controlled over the internet. This year could see companies promote more devices with added functionalities. There could be added impetus on multiple devices talking to each other rather than just to an app. The Internet Of Things could mean big business for gadget makers. The Consumer Electronics Association projects a 23 percent rise in sales of smart energy and security systems in 2015. Many companies are working on systems which would learn behaviour like switching on night lights if one needs to use the washroom at the night time and use brighter lights during the day. Many industry experts believe that true value would be seen only once all devices are able to adapt to user preferences.


These are just the building blocks to an automated home. Many companies like Whirlpool are already working on devices that are energy efficient which it believes would be adapted by users in the coming years. One of the key factors that companies need to convince consumers about would be the safety these devices would have against hackers raising security concerns.


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