CIA’s Handling of Torture Defended by Director Brennan


BrennanIn response to a damning report issued by the Senate pertaining to torture being used during the George W. Bush administration, the CIA director defended the way the agency handled things.

John Brennan stated that there were many things about the program that were unknown for the CIA at that time and that the agency was simply unprepared. However, he added that the program had been authorized by then President Bush just six days following the horrific 09/11 terrorist attack and that the agency was given to a job do.

Also in Brennan’s statement he admitted that errors were made, primarily during the early part of the program. In addition, some of the techniques used by the CIA were abhorrent and should never have been used and that there is no excuse nor should the lapses be downplayed.

However, Brennan stated that he did not agree with the report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee, which concluded that the use of torture used by the CIA was ineffective and that the agency had lied about the torture to Congress. Brennan adamantly denied intentionally lying although he did agree that information provided was sometimes inaccurate or did not meet standards.

Reforms are still being made to ensure no more interrogation oversights occur. Although the Senate’s report specifically talked about torture, Brennan referred to it as “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

As a backlash to Brennan’s statements, Senator Ron Wyden, democrat from Oregon and Dianne Feinstein, democrat from California but also the chairwoman for the Senate Intelligence took to Twitter to make some harsh comments.

Brennan went on to say that useful results were produced from the interrogation program, which included key information that lead to the raid on Osama bin Laden. In a rebuttal comment, Feinstein said no evidence that terror attacks were prevented, terrorists captured or live saved because of the techniques by the CIA existed.

The Senate also criticized Brennan because key people associated with the program were not interviewed. In response, Brennan said few officials write down everything said interviews would be used to fill in blanks because going back to only on memos, notes, records, or emails does not show everything was done.

Currently, Director Brennan is still providing inaccurate information willfully but also misrepresenting torture’s efficacy. As Senator Mark Udall, democrat in Colorado said, it is obvious that Brennan is still lying. Even worse, the White House is allowing the CIA do continue to do what it wants, even if those thing undermine stated policies set by the President.

As of yesterday, Josh Earnest, press secretary said that President Obama gets up every day happy to know Brennan along with all the men and women who work for the CIA are doing their job in protecting the people of America. When Obama was asked for a response about the Senate report, he declined to comment.

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