Hawaii Preparing for Two Hurricanes


Residents of Hawaii were stocking up on all the essentials as they prepared for the possibility of two hurricanes hitting the islands. Weather officials said the entire state needed to prepare for flooding.

Julio strengthened over the warm waters of the Pacific and was upgraded to a hurricane trailing behind Hurricane Iselle, which could hit the islands on Thursday.

Much of the state is currently under a tropical storm watch or a warning.

Overnight, Iselle weakened somewhat. Its eye was located about 900 miles away from Honolulu on Wednesday.

Julio is 1,650 miles to the east of Hilo, with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, with hurricane force winds only 15 miles outside the eye.

Julio is a category 1 and the latest report from Miami’s National Hurricane Center said the storm has not had any intensification over the past few hours.

Forecasters expect Julio to pass to the north of the state in the next three or four days. However, forecasters pointed out it was still too early to predict what its actual path will be.

Iselle is the storm that has the state’s attention now. It is closer to the islands and heading towards them.

Hawaiian Airlines is waiving change fees for reservations and fare differences for its passengers who must alter plans for traveling due to both storms.

The airline announced that the fees are waived for those who have tickets to travel Thursday or Friday.

Hawaii has only been hit directly by a hurricane on three occasions since 1950. However, over that same time 147 tropical cyclones have hit the state.

Hawaii has not been hit since 1992 by a hurricane or tropical storm. At that time, Hurricane Iniki caused 6 deaths and destroyed over 1,400 homes in Kauai.

The set of clustered storms is very uncommon. However, it is not unexpected in a year that has El Nino developing, which is a change in temperature of the ocean that affects weather patterns worldwide.

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