Jameis Winston Behavior Leads to an Extended Ban


jameisNot only has the NFL been rocked by controversy, college football is also making unwanted headlines. Yesterday, Florida State University (FSU) changed course by suspending Jameis Winston for all of Saturday’s game. Initially, the quarterback was banned from playing only the first half of the game against No. 22 Clemson but now, he will not get to play at all.

Winston was accused in late 2012 of raping a fellow Florida State University student. According to the attorney working on behalf of the woman, the university has started a disciplinary inquiry into the case. However, Winston got in more trouble when this past May, he was accused and admitted to stealing $32 worth of crab legs from a local grocery store.

Making things worse, Winston made comments last Tuesday while attending a student union that were sexually explicit and played off a meme. In light of his current and bigger problems, many people were mortified as to his and other players’ perception of women and the way they should be treated.

According to Stan Wilcox, Athletic Director and Garnett Stokes, interim president, a decision was made to keep Winston out of Saturday’s game based on the results of a continuing investigation regarding the incident that happened on Tuesday. Winston, a 2013 Heisman Trophy winner, was only going to be punished by being banned half the game but once school officials learned of him shouting out an obscene statement, things changed.

Both Wilcox and Stokes agreed that the comments made by Winston were vulgar and offensive and as such, he would undergo internal discipline. A news conference was held after the suspension was announced in which Winston apologized to FSU, as well as his coaches and teammates, citing selfish behavior. He admitted to what he did and said that he now had to accept the consequences of those actions.

In Winston’s place for Saturday night’s game, sophomore and backup quarterback, Sean Maguire is expected to take the field. Maguire threw 26 passes throughout his college career and while he might not be Winston, he is considered a highly talented player who will be an asset to the game.

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