Study: Buying Airline Tickets Eight Weeks Ahead Will Save the Most


airlineA new study performed by the Airlines Reporting Corp showed that the lowest domestic airfares were purchased eight weeks prior to the take off date. The lowest fares found for international flights were purchased a full 24 weeks prior to take off. The company analyzed over 19 months worth of reports of airfare purchases.

The ARC looked at a huge amount of data on tickets purchased from January 2013 to July 31, 2014 to determine where to find the lowest fares.

At the eight-week and the 24-week points, the study says fliers saved as much as 19% on the domestic flights and 27% on the international flights.

The company found out as well that the airfares that are the least expensive were ones purchased on Sundays for almost any destination.

The latest study by the ARC has significant meeting because it shows that the lowest airfares have switched to eight weeks from six weeks out for traveling domestically, but the savings are markedly greater, said a representative from the travel industry.

The common belief was that the least expensive airfares were purchased on Tuesday, but the study shows that it is actually Sunday.

However, the biggest caveat is that all this was done in the past and that really does not predict what will happen for the future, especially when it comes to airlines.

However, using this information as a guide will certainly help.

In addition, the two biggest holidays of the year are approaching and finding dates to fly with the least amount of expense is very important.

However, from what this study shows, the lowest price fare for either the Thanksgiving of Christmas holiday has already been missed.

The study of 19 months from the ARC showed that that Sunday travel was the least expensive with round trip airfares that included that day were $452 and Monday’s were the most expensive at $503.

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