SUVs and Trucks Boost Sales of Automakers in U.S.


Sport Utility Vehicles have returned and in July, they helped increase auto sales nationwide. On Friday, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors all reported hefty gains in sales, helped by the SUVs along with an increase in discounts automakers offered.

Despite a series of different recalls, GM sold over 250,000 vehicles in July, which was up by 9% from last year in July. Close to half the increase was from commercial buyers. However, even the retail sales across the country increased by 4% from July of last year.

Trucks and SUVs ruled sales again. GM’s large size SUVs, which are its most profitable vehicles, have enjoyed robust sales, which continued again during July with sales increasing by 32% compare to July of 2013.

The Chevy Tahoe saw sales increase by 52%, the Yukon by GMC was higher by 48% and the Yukon XL, which is larger, was up by 27%.

Cadillac was the sole GM that posted a loss in sales but that was just 3%. Its SUV, the Escalade however was an exception, the vehicle was close to double in unit sales from July of last year.

In addition, the crossover market of SUVs is strong as well and is one of the most competitive sectors in the auto industry. Automakers are fighting over customers who more and more are returning to trade in their cars for SUVs.

Ford experienced slower sales in June but rebounded in July thanks to growth in SUVs, which included gains of double digits for Escape, Expedition and Explorer. Ford sales jumped 10% overall in comparison to July of 2013.

Crossover sales at GM were up by 26%. Vehicles such as the Encore a compact SUV by Buick led the increase with a jump of 28% in July.

The Encore has increased by close to 80% in 2014.

Chrysler reported a very good month with a 20% increase overall in sales. The increase was nearly exclusive to its SUV range and its trucks. Sales of Jeep were up more than 41%, which was the best month for sales the brand has ever had.

July was the 11th consecutive month that trucks and SUVs have outsold cars, which is the longest streak in 9 years.

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