Woman Attempts to Stowaway in Plane, Again


Marilyn Hartman, a 62-year old, who has on several occasions been arrested earlier in 2014 for attempting at least four times to board a plane without a ticket, was able to board a Southwest Airlines at San Jose Mineta Airport Monday night.

She was arrested but was able to reach Los Angeles before being detained by authorities.

In April, Hartman was arrested and received probation after a number of attempts to board airplanes to Hawaii. She told authorities she was suffering from cancer and wanted to be somewhere warm.

Authorities sent her for a mental health review after she was stopped the third time and found to be articulate and mentally fit.

At some point in Monday’s flight, a flight attendant for Southwest realized Hartman was onboard without a ticket.

She had successfully sneaked past security and the gate agent by sliding through with a family.

Southwest alerted the LAPD who then detained Hartman at the airport in Los Angeles when she came off the plane.

Hartman is currently being held in jail on bail of $500.

Officials at San Jose Airport and with Southwest Airlines are at this time keeping a low profile and trying to figure out how both airport security and airline security failed to keep the un-ticketed passenger from entering the passenger terminal, much less boarding the aircraft.

This is the second time in less than an year if you take into account the teenager who was 16 and was able to enter the wheel well of an aircraft and fly to Hawaii.

On Tuesday, a statement was issued by Homeland Security blaming both the airline and the airport for not giving the correct protection to the passengers from a person that could have been a potential threat to all of their safety.

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