Court Sentences Owner of Pit Bulls to 15 Years to Life


pit-bullA man from Antelope Valley, California who pet bit bulls last year mauled a woman to death, was sentenced on Friday to a prison term of 15 years to life.

The man, Alex Jackson, who was facing 24 years to life behind bars, was found guilty August 29 of murder in the second degree for the death of Pamela Devitt a 63-year old.

Devitt, on May 9 of 2013 was taking a walk by herself in Littlerock when she came upon the pit bulls owned by Jackson. The animals proceeded to attack Devitt brutally.

The woman initially survived the brutal attack. She was able to speak to paramedics when they first arrived but just 4 minutes after entering the ambulance and heading toward the nearest hospital she suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

Later it was revealed by an autopsy that Devitt had suffered at least 150 and possibly 200 puncture wounds to the body.

During the trial of Jackson, Jason Brandenburg a Deputy Sheriff testified that one of Jackson’s pit bulls continued to attack the bloodied body of Devitt while he was approaching.

Jackson was warned previously about his pit bulls being violent. The dogs were in a minimum of seven separate altercations prior to their fatal attack on Devitt, according to the office of the district attorney of Los Angeles County.

After authorities had determined that nothing was done to prevent any further attacks after the previous 7, Jackson was given his second-degree murder charge.

Authorities were able to seize eight of Jackson’s dogs, of which four had the DNA of Devitt on their fur, said prosecutors.

When Devitt was attacked, she was alone and no one was around. She had bites from her head to toe and one arm had been severed.

A murder conviction for a dog owner is rare when their dogs are involved in killings but has happened.

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