Disney To Concentrate on Adapting Fairy-Tales


walt disney, remakes, markets, hollywoodAll of us have grown up to fairy-tales which have “happy endings” but it seems audiences have been falling out with the obligatory fairy-tales and now want to watch darker endings to the so called “Fairy-tales” which are more closer to reality. This is being seen as a huge game changer and especially for a company like Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) which has been the front-runner in showing animated versions of children fairy-tales for the last 75 years. The company is now adopting the strategy of re-telling these stories according to what the wider audience of today wants to watch. The company would be showcasing adaptations to the younger generation with a slew of offerings in the coming year which is being seen as a huge positive by analysts as it is pulling in higher revenues for the business.

When looking at the daily charts for Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), the stock has been in a momentous uptrend over the last year which is a huge positive. The stock has been forming higher highs and higher lows which is indicative of the presence of buying interest at every dip. The stock currently trades above all important daily moving averages. The relative strength index for the stock has been trading in the bullish zone but is showing first signs of exhaustion at the current moment. The momentum indicators, on the other hand, are showing no signs of a reversal which is a huge positive and is considered to be a bullish sign in the near term. The stock currently trades near its 52-week high which is a bullish sign.

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