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Stains Not Part of Search for Eric Frein


Eric FreinBlood that was discovered during a search for the shooting suspect of a Pennsylvania State trooper is not Eric Matthew Frein’s. Frein is the suspect in the shooting.

State police said that droplets of what appeared as if it were blood on steps of a covered porch near Cresco, Pennsylvania were human, but not Frein’s.

Material located on the inside of the porch door at another home nearby was not blood, said police. Neither has a link to the suspected killer.

On Friday, a source in law enforcement speaking on the condition of anonymity told a news agency there was not any reason to believe Frein had been injured or the blood was his.

Frein is suspected in the ambush shooting on September 12 that left a state trooper dead and another wounded outside the police barracks in northern Pennsylvania.

Police have not yet released what they believe to be a motive, besides the fact that Frein had talked as well as written about disliking all of law enforcement.

Authorities said that a review of a hard drive of a computer Frein used shows he planned the attack.

He has been able to elude capture despite a huge police search around the area of Canadensis, Pennsylvania where his family owns a home.

Police said they believe a woman who was taking a walk last Friday night saw Frein and said he had a rifle and his face was dabbed with patches of mud. She said she saw him in a wooded area close to Swiftwater a town in eastern Pennsylvania about 8 miles to the southeast of the area of Canadensis.

Police had said the search will continue through the fall and until winter permits. Snowfall in this area is very heavy and police believe Frein is a survivalist who likely has prepared himself for a long winter.

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